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Overall Lead Instructor

Todd Willett

Todd Willett

Todd Willett has been driving motorcycles since 1975. He served in the Army National Guard on active duty for three years and then as a reserve for 19 years retiring as a Sergeant First Class in 2002 after 22 years of service. He graduated the Durham Police Department 80 hour Basic Police Motorcycle Operator Course in 1992.

He was promoted to Sergeant and supervised the Durham Police Traffic Services Motorcycle Unit from 2003 until his retirement in 2012 after 25 years of service. He was responsible for all training of new motor officers and motor officer in service training. He assisted in training other agencies new motor officers and instructors. He has training in motor officer survival and executive protection. He has provided Presidential and Vice-Presidential motorcade escorts, as well as marshal duties for numerous bicycle races, road races and parades. He was certified as a Police Motorcycle Instructor by the U. S. Park Police in 2006 and completed the N. C. Bike Safe Assessor Course in 2010.

Sgt Willett was the Governor's Highway Safety Program, Durham County Coordinator and the Governor's Highway Safety Programs Triad Region Bike Safe NC Coordinator.

Todd attended the MSF Dirt Bike School and teaches the Overland Confidence Course, Maximum Control and the Basic Motor Officer Course for MotoMark1.

MotoMark1 Team

Nick Wright, Lead Instructor in Burlington, NC

Nick Wright

Nick Wright has been with the Burlington Police Department since 2008. He has been Riding Motors for 10 years and began Driving motors 4 years ago. Nick became a Motor Officer in 2009 and met Mark when he trained under him at NCSHP Motor School. He is also a SWAT Operator and has a wife and 2 daugthers. Nick is the lead instructor in Burlington and teaches both levels of Maximum Control as well as the Basic Motor Officer School.

Heather Lawson, Lead Instructor for Ladies Only Classes

Heather Lawson

Heather grew up riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers in the mountains of North Carolina. But her love for motorcycles truly began in 2002 when she went on a ride with her family. Five minutes on the back of her step-father's touring bike was all it took for her to decide that she had to have a motorcycle. With any new adventure she knew that she needed training so she attended the MSF class. Heatherís motto "always a student" kicked in when planning her 2010 Sturgis trip. Heather attended the MotoMark1 Precision Maneuvering School and thatís when she started driving her motorcycle.

Over the years Heather has been the Activities Director for the local HOG group and has organized several rides and poker runs. Sheís attended several rallies and motorcyclist events along the east coast. Heather loves to drive either to work or to the beach. After successfully completing the Basic Motor Officer course in 2012 and becoming a certified MM1 instructor, she now loves teaching other ladies the proper way to maneuver their machines.

David Prevette, Lead Instructor in Wilkesboro, NC

David Prevette

David Prevette is our lead instructor at the Wilkesboro site. He retired after 30 years with the Iredell County Sheriff's Office. "One of my duties at Iredell was Motor Lieutenant. I had three of the best jobs at the Sheriff's Office in that I worked four police K9's, was a member and supervisor of the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) Team, AND was on the MOTOR Unit as a Sgt. and Lt. for a few years."

"I have been a motorcyclist for many years. Some of my training includes: MSF Experienced Riders Course, Charleston County SC Police Motorcycle School, MotorOne Advanced Motor Officer Training, MotoMark1 Training." David is currently part-time law enforcement in Iredell County Sheriff's Office and Yadkinville Police Dept.

"You / I never know it all. I learn something every time I participate in training, either as a student OR as an instructor. One of the smartest things I have heard GREAT instructors say is: 'This is not THE way, it is A way. I believe that ALL of my fellow MotoMark1 Instructors do this because we LOVE to be there when the light bulb 'clicks' on for a student. We are sharing something that we believe in, in hopes that you will become a much more confident and safer DRIVER."

"I love to spend time with my wife of nearly 35 years, Angie doing basically anything, but ESPECIALLY driving our Victory. I Love Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Music. I have been a part of gospel quartets and bluegrass groups for years. I love playing music with, singing with, and driving motorcycles with my brother. (And many other people.)"
"Find me on Facebook at opie372, YouTube at dprevette or search 'Motor School' and look for dprevette. "

Brian Sprinkle, Lead Instructor in Charlotte

Brian Sprinkle

Brian is a lifelong motorcyclist. He proudly labels himself as a "motorcycle fiend". Heís been riding motorcycles for over 40 years, on numerous brands, from mini bikes as a kid to his current BMW K1600 GTL. Heís never met a motorcycle he didnít like. Brian likes to ride anywhere, anytime but is particularly drawn to the pleasures of long distance touring. Brian was certified as a "Rider Coach" for the MSF in 2002 and teaches that curriculum at Central Piedmont, Mitchell, Community Colleges as well as Motorcycles of Charlotte, (BMW, Triumph, Ducati).

Brian has been a police officer for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for nearly 30 years of service, six of those years as a Motor Officer. He retired in 2013 but will tell you that heís most proud of his accomplishment of developing, implementing, a Motor Unit for his agency. He completed the 80 hour basic motor officer certification in 1998, administered by the Northwestern University Traffic Institute and Harley Davidson Motor Company.

It was during this training that Brian met Mark Brown, who at the time was a Motor Trooper for NCSHP. It was during this training that he really learned how to "drive" a motorcycle. Brian also completed a week long, rain soaked advanced motor school with Mark at the NCSHP training facility. Eventually, their paths crossed again as Mark invited Brian to come on board as an instructor for MotMark1. Again, a very proud moment for him!

Brian says that his motor officer skills and training left a lasting impression; so much that he firmly believes that every rider, no matter the brand or size of their bike can increase their confidence and learn lifesaving skills by taking a MotoMark1 class. Brian is committed to rider safety and in 2009 opened a business call Ride Smart. He caters to the new rider with mentoring and defensive rider consulting. He sells a line of products specific to motorcycling. The emphasis is on high visibility. His business motto is; "physically loud, not mechanically loud".

John Pretti, Lead Instructor in Monticello, FL

John Pretti

John retired from the Tallahassee Police Department after 27 years on the force and spent 16 years with the police department motorcycle unit. John was the senior motorcycle instructor for the department, conducting monthly motorcycle training. He also conducted the basic police motorcycle course for police officers wishing to become motor officers. He trained the first female motor officer for the Tallahassee Police Department in the department's 150 year history. He also helped train the first motor officers for Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Police Department motor unit. He helped with Florida State University Police department motorcycle unit restart after 25 years of not having one. He is adjunct instructor for the Institute of Police Technology and Management and Florida Public Safety Institute in teaching motor officers how to become instructors for their departments. He has written an article which was published at www.motorcops.com which discusses anti-lock brake system (ABS) on police motorcycles.

Since 1998, John has been an instructor for MSF and in 2002 was crossed trained as a Rider Coach. John has been an instructor with Florida Safe Rider since 2003. He sees what happens when the untrained and unlicensed drivers get on a twowheeled vehicle. "You never stop learning...You must continue to get trained or get professional training on a motorcycle and once you get trained, must continue to keep those skills in top condition...You cannot afford to be in a crash on a motorcycle, your fault or not." In 2002 John attended Kevin Schwantz Racing Motorcycle Suzuki School. "I continue to find ways to improve my riding." One of the ways is participating in police motorcycle rodeos. Having participated in about 15 rodeos, John has three 1st place, one 2nd place, one 4th place and one 5th place awards. "The reason for attending the rodeos is to push myself to being the best and in return giving this knowledge and talent back to my students at either the Tallahassee Police Department Motor Unit or at Florida SafeRider." In 2008 John met Mark Brown and was certified in the Bike Safe Assessor Course. John has taken over the administration duties at Florida SafeRider since retiring from the police department and wanted to provide more instructions on the safe operation of "driving" a motorcycle, then just your typical cone course dragging motorcycle parts in a parking lot course. On January 17th. 2016 John became MM1 Maximum Control Level 1 certified.

John was also a 10 year veteran with the Florida Army National Guard, spending 3 months in Miami after Hurricane Andrew. He was honorable discharged as a Sergeant. He is married to Melanie and has two twin daughters, Emma and Maddie.

Other Instructors

Daniel Prevette

Daniel Prevette

Iíve been riding motorcycles since I was 12 years old. I bribed my dad into buying my first dirt bike by agreeing to sing with him in church and Iíve been riding and singing ever since. My wife and I sing in a southern gospel quartet and love to spend our spare time riding our 2005 Victory Kingpin. After riding dirt bikes, four wheelers and road bikes for so many years I thought I knew pretty much all I needed to about riding. That was until my brother introduced me to police motor officer skills training. When I met Mark Brown with MotoMark1, I learned the difference in riding and 'driving'. I have since completed MotoMark1ís 44 hour, Basic Motor Officer Course and am now police motor officer certified. I am a Maximum Control instructor at the Wilkesboro, NC location. Always remember youíre never too experienced to learn more and 'drive' safer.

Robert Moore

Robert Moore

Robert started out as a student and worked his way up to MotoMark1 Instructor. A retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, he is also a retired motor officer and current reserve deputy sheriff. When asked about MotoMark1, he is quick to tell you, "Mark Brown changed my life! He trained me on civilian and law enforcement motors, taking me from where I thought I knew how to ride to knowing how to drive a motor. I am extremely proud to have met the exacting standards Mark demands of all MotoMark1 Instructors, and I look forward to helping you raise your 80% to where it needs to be".

Amanda Cater

Amanda Cater

Amanda is a native of North Carolina and a certified motor officer with one of the largest police departments in North Carolina. She is a certified MotoMark1 instructor. She loves to ride horses including 'Iron Horses'. Her personal bike is a Harley Davidson Electra Glide that she customized to meet her motorcycle driving needs. She has more miles on her bike than her car because of her love for motorcycling. She loves to teach and is an instructor for our Ladies Only Maximum Control Course.

Matt Schneider

Hello, I'm Matt Schneider, born in Switzerland, and immigrated to the United States in 1986. Since 2006 I am a US Citizen! I was riding motorcycles since 1968 but learned how to drive them in 2005; it was then when I joined MotoMark1 as an Instructor. Twice a year my wife Madeline and I explore the beautiful USA on our bike; It is a great escape! I hope to see you soon in one of our courses! Greetings, Matt

Ricardo Rodriguez

I started out like most in the fields on small dirt bikes and scooters. I fell in love riding on two wheels and knew that I would always have riding in my blood. At the age of 18 I bought my first road bike (Suzuki Katana 600) and hit the open road with friends, and have been mostly pleasure riding all my life. In late 2009 I was introduced to Dual Sport/Adventure riding through BMW, and I was immediately hooked on riding the big bikes off road. In 2010 I was invited back to BMW's Performance Center to do some riding and ended up with a job on the BMW Motorcycle Rider Training Instructor Team. I became a trainer mainly focused on Off Road Rider Training and as a Tour Guide on the BMW Adventure Tours. Ricardo teaches the Overland Confidence Course in Robbinsville, NC

The MotoMark1 acronym "MARK" stands for: Motorcycle Accident Reduction Knowledge
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