Maximum Control Level 1

Maximum Control Level 1

Maximum Control

Our staff combines police motor officer skills with recreational riding scenarios. We teach street survival tactics used by highway patrol and law enforcement officers. These skills are the basis for safe, confident and maximum control of your motorcycle. We offer a limited number of spaces in our classes to ensure that you receive individual instruction.

Exercises are paced to give time to practice the maneuver, get feedback, and practice some more. It is designed as a circuit so you are constantly challenging yourself and building a foundation of fundamentals and confidence with each and every lap.

Maximum Control Level 1

Level 1 is recommended for anyone who has a current motorcycle endorsement. While it is designed to be a step beyond the MSF ERC, it is applicable to any motorcyclist regardless of skill or training level. It’s not another cone course; it’s based on the introductory phase of hazard perception, recognition, reaction, braking techniques and lane placement used by experienced instructors and motor officers. You’ll learn how to turn your motorcycle around on a two-lane road, execute back-to-back varying turns and negotiate that slow maneuvering turn into the dealership, gas station or your own driveway. Maximum Control Level 1 will teach you the techniques you need to have confidence in yourself and your bike.

The fun will begin in the classroom with a very informative presentation and then we will move to the driving range. Our morning session concentrates on head, eyes, clutch and throttle working together for exact bike placement. This technique allows you to execute precision maneuvers with maximum control that will make you safer and impress anyone that sees you handle your bike. In the afternoon, we’ll teach braking techniques as we simulate real world scenarios. The next time you have an emergency stop, you’ll know exactly how to react and how your motorcycle will respond. Most importantly, you’ll know what skills to practice to DRIVE safely when you’re under pressure.

Level 1 will introduce you to the rigorous law enforcement motor officer training that’s designed to keep officers safe, hour after hour, day after day, in any weather, any traffic. Level 2 will continue this training. You are going to work hard, DRIVE hard, think hard, and challenge yourself. You’ll make friends, laugh a lot, and you’ll bond with your motorcycle by knowing exactly how it handles when the CHiPs are down, so to speak.

Maximum Control

Maximum Control Course Details

Length: 1 day ~ The school runs rain or shine

Class Size: Minimum of 3 students, Limited to 6 students

What’s Included: Course instruction and materials.

Motorcycle: Bring your own (all street-legal motorcycles are welcome)

Requirements: Students must have completed an MSF Basic RiderCourse or equivalent or logged a minimum of 2500 miles and/or completed other advanced level training.

Minimums: Safe motorcycle, DOT-rated helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, over-the-ankle boots, long sleeves recommended for summer

Locations: Burlington

Price: $325

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