Stayin’ Safe Mayberry/ Mount Pilot Training Tour

Stayin’ Safe Mayberry/ Mount Pilot Training Tour

Stayin’ Safe with MotoMark1

MotoMark1 proudly blends the nostalgia of this iconic North Carolina gem with advanced motorcycle skills training for a fun and valuable learning experience.

The training tour originates from our Burlington, NC Headquarters and, over the course of two days, travels some of the best roads to be found in NC. The tour will end in Mayberry— America’s favorite small town—where there is much to see, do and eat. Although our tour ends in Mayberry, you may want to hang around, book a night of lodging and spend more time to explore this walk back in time (the pork chop sandwich at Snappy Lunch is a must! It was a favorite of Andy’s).
Of course, advance skills training is what we’re all about and this tour gives you plenty. Training will help participants learn to ride with greater purpose, build situational awareness and ability to read the road, know precisely where to position the motorcycle within the lane for the greatest advantage, effectively manage speed, build cornering confidence and even predict the future. The second day will focus on establishing ultimate smoothness and precision by introducing advanced brake/throttle techniques, body steering, smooth shifting techniques, slow speed skills as well as controlled evasive and advanced braking practices. It’s a training event jam packed with valuable skills and a fun ride back in time.
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Stayin’ Safe Course Details

Length:  2 day ~ The school runs rain or shine
Class Size:  Minimum of 3 students, Limited to 6 students
What’s Included: Course instruction and materials. One night lodging, One breakfast and One dinner
Motorcycle: Bring your own (all street-legal motorcycles are welcome)
Requirements: Students must have completed an MSF Basic RiderCourse or equivalent or logged a minimum of 2500 miles and/or completed other advanced level training.
Minimums: Safe motorcycle, DOT-rated helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, over-the-ankle boots, long sleeves recommended for summer
Price: $995

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