Maximum Control Level 2

Maximum Control Level 2

Maximum Control Level 2

Level 2 is recommended for anyone who has taken the Level 1 course and it is applicable to any motorcyclist that wants to continue their life-long learning process of skill enhancement and training to the next level. Our staff combines more technical and challenging police motor officer skills with real world scenarios. It’s based on the combination of braking, down shifting and proper set ups while completing back to back change of direction turns as if you were going after a violator yourself!! Maximum Control Level 2 will enhance and work on more detailed phases of hazard perception, recognition, reaction, braking techniques with real-world scenarios and curve skills used by experienced instructors and motor officers. You will learn how to negotiate congested traffic in an assertive, authoritative driving manner just like professional motor officers. Level 2 will teach you the more advanced-level techniques you need to have confidence in yourself and your bike.

The fun will begin in the classroom with a very informative review of Level 1 and presentation of Level 2. and then we will move to the driving range. Our morning session concentrates on more enhanced head, eyes, clutch and throttle working together for exact bike placement in more technical areas. This technique allows you to execute more precision maneuvers with maximum control that will make you safer and impress anyone that sees you drive your bike with purpose.

Our Maximum Control signature courses will lead you to the 44 hour Basic Motor Officer Course. Students participate in and benefit from evaluation, so that everything they learn is data-driven and designed to maximize their time on the range. During all training sessions there will be constant communication with your instructor giving you instantaneous feedback. We’ll also provide high definition video critiques for excellent, fun viewing of you driving your motorcycle so you can see exactly how you are performing. We encourage you to bring your spouse/partner with you to class. Learn new skills on your own and then practice with your partner on board. Let them see the benefit of the training to keep you safe on the road!

Maximum Control Course emphasis is on:

  • Urban survival skills
  • Improved scan and control
  • Emergency stopping at both low and high speeds
  • Brake-and-evade maneuvers
  • Low-speed handling
  • Precision maneuvers
  • Close-quarters riding to simulate crowded venues

Maximum Control Level 2

Length: 1 day ~ The school runs rain or shine

Class Size: Minimum of 3 students, Limited to 6 students

What’s Included: Course instruction and materials.

Motorcycle: Bring your own (all street-legal motorcycles are welcome)

Requirements: Students must have completed an MSF Basic RiderCourse or equivalent or logged a minimum of 2500 miles and/or completed other advanced level training.

Minimums: Safe motorcycle, DOT-rated helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, over-the-ankle boots, long sleeves recommended for summer

Locations: Burlington

Price: $325

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