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Adventure Motorcycle Training Tour

Adventure Motorcycle Training Tour

Adventure Motorcycle Training Tour

The Adventure Motorcycle Training Tour is a fun-filled, challenging experience that will increase your enjoyment through skill enhancement and give you the experience of adventure motorcycling. This course will instill confidence in yourself and in your adventure/dual sport motorcycle. You will receive on-road training on the way to the off-road location training area via instructor-to-student radio communication. There will be video recording along the way so you get a detailed critique of how you are progressing.
This course is (2) two days with the first day consisting of an introduction to adventure motorcycling. You will receive classroom presentation, hands-on instruction, static demonstrations, eye drills, clutch control drills, bike setup, body position, braking, the difference between seated and standing techniques for both paved and non-paved roads. Also tips for first aid and what to carry in your kit will be covered.

This training will enhance your curve skills and you will be introduced to some mild off-road/non-pavement roads that will give you confidence and take away some of the fear that folks have when they purchased a large adventure bike and are taking it off road for the first time. You get to use these skills in real world situations as we move from the classroom to the beautiful mountains to experience an area with sites, curves, hills, wilderness. When darkness falls you will be introduced to something very unique, auxiliary lighting with a night ride through the forest. There will be a short debrief once we return to the classroom and your first day is complete.

The second day of the two-day class will consist of video critiques for the student to review. Then get ready for a day of fun with even more challenging terrain and twisty, curvy roads. On the second day we will cover trip prep, packing, bike recovery, buddy tow, how to plug a tire, how to change a tube, crossing obstacles and other fun, helpful techniques.

Due to the amount of personal instruction provided by our instructors, class size is limited. If you’re interested in renting a dual sport motorcycle to take the course, please contact us at info@motomark1.com. If we don’t have something available, we’ll make a recommendation.

If you are interested in integrating motor operations into your current agency, contact us for more information.

Adventure Motorcycle Training Tour Details

Length: 2 travel days plus 2 days training

Class Size: Minimum 3 students – Maximum 6 students

What’s Included: 2 days training plus 3 nights lodging, meals, class materials plus some goodies!

Motorcycle: Bring your own adventure/dual sport motorcycle (required) or contact us for rental information.

Requirements:  Students must have logged a minimum of 2500 miles and completion of a basic off-road skills course (i.e the MSF Dirt Bike School or equivalent) is recommended.

Minimums: Safe adventure/dual sport motorcycle, DOT-rated helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection and over-the-ankle boots are required. Long sleeves and a Camelbak® or similar hydration system is recommended for summer, Ear Buds with 3.5mm male connector.

Location: Hampton Inn Brevard NC

Price: $1,395.00

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