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"I just wanted to thank you for the instruction today. No one else was interested in supplying training for a side car rig, and I had pretty much given up hope. When you came to the HOG meeting and I asked about the side car, you said yes without hesitation. You take the time to supply the training to those that want it, and adapt the course to meet the individual needs of those involved, not just my side car, and it is just one of the things that sets you above the rest. As I told you during the course, due to the lack of training available for side car rigs, I had self-taught myself until I took your course, and you taught me maneuvers I didn't think were possible. I have attached some pictures of my son and the bike, as it occurred to me that you had never met my son, and he is what the side car is all about. Again, thank you for the instruction, and please pass along my thanks to the rest of your fine group. "

Wade Baise III

Wade's son

Customized Training

Over the years, MotoMark1 has offered many different types of training from ATV to sidecar to expert Law Enforcement/EMS. We have limited our scheduled courses to those that meet the needs of most of our students. However, we believe in training for everyone! If the classes offered do not meet your specific needs, we can still provide instruction to you. All the training detailed beow is on an appointment only basis. Please call for more information or to set up a time for training.

Learn to escort camera operators.

You need something? We'll provide it!

Street Skills Training

Begin2RideBy Appointment Only

Begin2Ride If you have never been on a motorcycle before, where should you begin? The Begin2ride Course is for first time riders. This course is specifically designed to and has been successful in lowering the danger and increasing the enjoyment for beginner riders. In the Begin2ride Course you will learn basic motorcycle operation and practice confidently controling your speed and direction! Also you will learn risk management techniques so you can make informed choices about your journey as a motorcyclist. Beginners who get properly introduced to the physical elements of riding tend to feel less scared because they have purposefully eliminated unnecessary risks before their first street ride. A prerequisite for our Begin2ride Course is that you can balance and ride a bicycle (with pedals).

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Off-road Training

Dirt Bike ClinicBy Appointment Only

For the beginning dirt bike rider, we offer a half-day introduction to the basics of riding a dirt bike.

Intro to Dirt Bike

Some of the material covered will include:

  • Rider equipment
  • Dirt bike nomenclature
  • Raising a downed motorcycle
  • Proper mounting and dismounting
  • Proper body posture
  • Clutch control
  • Smooth starts
  • Smooth stops
  • Turning
  • Lower body control
  • COPE
  • Driving strategy

MSF Dirt Bike ClassSee Class Calendar for course dates

We're proud to offer what we think is the best, most versatile off-road school you can attend--and it's certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation! We can make that claim because of our emphasis on safety, the fundamentals of riding, and our commitment to making off-road riding a safe, fun activity that the entire family can enjoy together, even when your family members have different riding skills.

This course consists of 8 hours of off-road motorcycle riding instruction on a closed course that has been groomed for beginners, yet has challenging areas for more advanced riders to hone their skills.

If you are considering learning to ride a motorcycle, learning to ride off-road, or would just like to hone the basics even if you've been riding for a while, this is for you. No matter your skill level, beginner or advanced, the emphasis on fundamentals means rapid improvement. We often have a mixed class of beginner and experienced, yet neither end of the scale is either overloaded or under-challenged. That's the beauty of troubleshooting fundamental skills, everyone improves whether you have kicked over an XR100 for the first time that day, or have been riding your rally-prepped KTM 640 for years.

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Other Specialized

Group RidingBy Appointment Only

Riding in Groups can be challenging. It's not uncommon for motorcyclists to get together for a weekend group ride, a charity poker run, or just for an impromptu group ride at the weekend breakfast hangout. After all, what's better than a cup of coffee with fellow riders? But how often have you encountered riders with different skill levels, and been forced to adjust your riding style as a result? Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to ride in groups so that it seemed a little less chaotic and nerve-wracking? This course is a structured program that teaches distance/formation riding, safe passing procedures for the group, and universally-recognized hand signals. We emphasize utilizing group positioning as single file, staggered, abreast and slide formations. Your passenger will become a part of the team, helping you look out for danger, keep track of the route, and contribute to a memorable ride.

When everyone is on the same page, it makes for a clean, cooperative journey with fewer surprises, more visibility as a group, and more respect from four-wheel vehicles. If you are a group leader or simply take part in a number of group rides, this workshop is a must. Even if you happen to ride with people who have not had this training, there are basic things you can pass along to your group to make things safer. Take the lead by taking this course, you'll help both you and your friends enjoy the ride.

We find that this course is outstanding for clubs or even a large group of friends, and we always make sure that the passenger is part of the riding team. We can arrange specialized on-site training for dealerships and rider clubs--we can come to your group. We require a minimum of 10 riders to do an on-site course originating at your location, and require a room suitable for the classroom portion, a classroom or restaurant meeting room works fine.

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Military, Law Enforcement and EMS TrainingBy Appointment Only

Motor MedicCustomizable MILMO and certified MSF courses available to military and law enforcement/public service units and personnel. Please call us for more details. We can come to your site or host your off-road training at our training facility in Harrells, NC.

These courses are custom-designed to meet the needs of each agency. Our instructors are certified military and law enforcement trainers with active duty experience. Skills taught include low speed, high speed, tight traffic, curve skills, braking, collision avoidance, on road skills and distraction tactics for divided attention, night training and emergency response.

If you are interested in integrating motor operations into your current agency, contact us for more information.
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Other Specialty

Do you have a special need that's not been addressed? Give us the chance to provide whatever type training you need, whether it's for a sidecar or a special circumstance like escorting a bicycle race. We have experience in all sorts of areas and have done many types of escorts and driven many types of vehicles. Just ask and we'll let you know how we can help you!

The MotoMark1 acronym "MARK" stands for: Motorcycle Accident Reduction Knowledge
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