About Us

Who is MotoMark1

MotoMark1 is a 21st century professional level motorcycle training company. We offer special teaching aids that no other school offers and we have unmatched credentials when it comes to our instructors. We are not racers.  We are teachers and train motorcyclists to go from point A to point B with no injury to person and no damage to machine.

If you’re a beginner, we can teach you to be safe with your new passion and sport. If you’re an intermediate or advanced rider, we can take you to the next level in motorcycle street survival skills for fun and safety. You will become knowledgeable in smooth, safe, strategic operation of your motorcycle. You will also have a better education in motorcycle techniques, tactics and the law.

Mark Brown demonstrates curve techniques.

Our program is built on a stair step progression method to help you achieve your goals and the curriculum. Think of it like this. Pilots are not handed the keys to a 747 jet without training on smaller gradual planes and techniques. A tractor trailer driver is not handed the keys to a big tractor trailer truck with 2 forty ft trailers attached to it, they have to start with a small truck first. The main thing is we must crawl before we walk and walk before we run. None of us came out of the womb running. We all had to crawl first and then as we got better balance, confidence and technique we began to take small steps and then bigger ones and then we started to run.

Our team will give you the best training and one-on-one instruction whether it is for private, group or family classes. We can accommodate individuals, multiple students, corporate groups, law enforcement and military. MotoMark1 instructors hold certifications in police and military motorcycle operation and from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

We encourage you to bring your spouse/partner with you to class. Learn new skills on your own and then practice with your partner on board. Let them see the benefit of the training to keep you safe on the road!







A little history…

MotoMark1, LLC began in 2002 with a few friends that wanted to learn “Motor Officer Style” training. After showing them the motor officer style, our friends agreed that we should share and market this technique to the public.

We began with a total of 14 students our first year and then 45 our second. The students have been increasing every year since. We have trained hundreds of students to date. Our training has taken us across the country, providing the “Safety First” class for the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America, training the New York Special Operations Unit and visiting different countries in South America to conduct specialized training for select customers. We designed a special sport bike class for Pope Air Force Base. As we continue to grow, we are opening new sites across North Carolina. Take a look at our locations page for a course near you.

MotoMark1’s main goal is to provide state-of-the-art motorcycle training courses. MotoMark1 is the only motorcycle school in North Carolina that utilizes instructor-to-student communication and digital video-enhanced critiques for getting the most out of their students. The biggest difference between our school and others is we do not teach you how to ride…we teach you how to drive your motorcycle. Hence our slogan “Making ordinary riders into…extraordinary drivers. “

If you want to learn unique techniques from trained instructors that have, in turn, trained others around the world, then take up our challenge and sign-up today..